Veloce is a beer brand concept created for my father and I's beer brand. The brand revolves around the ideas of generosity, speed, and nostalgia. During a time of isolation, he and I found solace in a new hobby and I decided to bring it to life, oftentimes sharing with our friends and family. My father and I both own motorcycles of the same name, which also plays into the inspiration behind the brand.
The best thing about brewing beer is sharing it with others. So we bottle it in 16oz pint bottles. If you're feeling generous split it with a friend. If you're feeling sentimental, write a note on the back of the bottle tag for safe keeping. Each batch is unique and has its own numbered tag, never to be recreated. The shape of these tags are influenced by a 9 ball diamond rack, because we brew our beer in our basement, right next to the pool table.
Extensions of the brand take cues from vintage outdoor equipment, old gas station signage, and the idea that things are better when shared with another.
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