Lone Wick was the result of a prompt to create a logo for a handmade candle company in Dallas, TX that drew inspiration from french textiles, hence the use of French blue in the primary brandmark.

Flying Sticks is a father and son guided fly fishing tour business in Colorado, the client wanted the mark to include a fly lure or rod as well as have a rough texture. 

Buck & Coin is a hemp distillery in Duluth Minnesota, the client wanted to capture a buck or antlers of some sort as well as a hemp leaf in a badge shape.

Refill is a sustainable soda concept that involves taking old soda bottles and coating them in a food safe ceramic coating in the brands signature bright red-orange. The customer is given incentives to deposit both refill branded soda bottles and other glass bottles in vending machines through Portland.

This is a brandmark for one of my first freelance clients, she didn't want any type locked up so I only provided the mark for the time being. She wanted to capture a bird, the concept of love, and a letter M in the mark.

Herban Botanica is a subscription box business specializing in natural medicine, run by two friends training as herbalists. The mark aimed at capturing two people as well as human interaction with nature.

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